March 31, 2008


'Your journal of meat culture' with my illo in— is out on shelves now!
Check it out for it's bizarre yet intriguing meat-centric articles and great design.
Also see Ilana Kohn's illo, it appears a page before mine.

home again

Back from spring break- having acomplished much thrifting, birdwatching, a little bird banding and lots of visiting.
Here's a piece done with ink washes and some creative (read: unfinished) coloring. I've been considering revisiting the Midwest Midgard theme I was playing around with a few years ago. I feel like I never really did any up to snuff.
Here's a white tailed (!) chickadee who has been frequenting our Ohio feeders. (Their tails are always grey.) He was banded last fall I think. You can see the regular band on his right and the color band on his left.

March 22, 2008


I decided to try out a more naturalistic palette on this one. The first color version was pretty harsh. This definitely irks me less.
So I finally started V. S. Ramachandran's 'A Brief Tour of Human Consciousness' and it's amazing. I really urge anyone mildly interested in the brain to pick this one up. It's super accessible.

March 21, 2008

First day of spring yesterday!

So I'll be taking down the show tomorrow then heading home for a much needed break. I'm looking forward to hitting all the thrift stores while I'm back in Ohio. I should have plenty of junk to share with you after then.

free Prisoner font complete with penny farthings!

March 20, 2008

New Yorkers

Some of the people from an old illustration. I really like them sans color- direct from the sketchbook. I should probably do a hundred more- it'd be an awesome as a fabric pattern.

March 19, 2008

Chicken soup is strictly for colds.

This one is for everyone laid up these past couple weeks with colds.
However, skip the 'tussin, apparently honey is a mayo clinic approved cough suppressant!

Let me know what you think of the palette... too far? not far enough?
I liked it at first, but now not so much...

March 17, 2008

Renkli Dunya

I recently came across these amazing Turkish and Russian vintage posters thanks to random google searches.

Polish posters The posters for recent American blockbusters are really out there (Imperium above is for Star Wars- and I'm sure you spotted the Terminator)
Turkish posters Check out the western section- there are some great Clint Eastwood posters in there too.

March 16, 2008

things I've decided I'm in dire need of:

  • keyboard or piano (I should have gotten that electric organ I found at the goodwill in Ohio– garageband's keyboard just doesn't satisfy)
  • more of these guys:
  • an ibrik for making turkish coffee
  • wooden eggs to paint on
  • a really thick piece of ulexite
  • a sewing machine (along with advice on how to sew clothes from patterns)
  • a garden with primarily asparagus, blackberries, and mint (unfortunately mint is very invasive...)
  • either backgammon or othello
  • lots of old garish sheets to braid into rugs
  • flipbooks of videos or gifs from flipclips
  • bookshelves (to put these things on)

March 14, 2008


Just found this drawing of Juno I did a while back- thought I'd slap some color on it and put it up. I think it came out alright... the drawing is a little clunky but I think the likeness is pretty good.

Welcome friend or foe.

welcome to our new group illo blog:

March 12, 2008


Found an old photo of Scamp enjoying a raisin. We've had her for just about a year now– definitely didn't think I could enjoy a hamster as much as I do.

morose duo