October 30, 2008

Canton, Ohio

Colbert changes the name of my birth city to "Hitler's Asscrack."

My mom went to this Obama rally, actually...

Charles Lutz @ the Tribeca Grand

I saw Charles' show at the Tribeca Grand the other evening! Such pristine work! These are my two favorites.
The packed opening:

Photo by Lianna Tarantin via Refinery29 Pipeline
(you can see me sitting in the bottom corner there)

October 27, 2008

cookie pizza pie

Happy B-day to Jashar

Here's the killer cookie Ilana, Jed and I made for his get-together. (We had to try and top our burger cake from last year.) That's red chocolate icing on there along with white chocolate cheese and fondant pepperoni, mushrooms, onions and green peppers.
gratuitous cuteness:
Mesocricetus Auratus

also– tomby identity revealed on new tomby info page

October 23, 2008

man and his dog

I know everyone is sick of seeing hackneyed soft sculpture monsters and various overly cute creatures, but here are some done right. They're actually quite nice.
Cornelia O'Donovan's pups

& Mimi Kirchner's tattooed beaus

October 21, 2008

^current stitching
I think I'm beginning to tire of the embroidery rings... but it seems to suit this piece.
Also–the WFMU record fair is approaching at top speed! I've gotta search the sofa and hit a coinstar.
Let me know if you spot this album there...

I want it.
Really. Let me know.