May 17, 2008

Jordie's plates from Fishes Eddy~

i favor the duck.

purple numbers & sharp cheese

Just found these on Utube... apparently V.S. Ramachandran had a BBC series a while back! I haven't gotten a chance to watch a full one yet- but it seems like he covers much of what he has written. Particularly looking forward to the lecture at UCSD on neuroscience and art!

phantoms in the brain episode 1 (pt 1 of 5)

ucsd lecture (pt 1 of 8)

May 15, 2008

braided rug

Jashar was getting rid of a bunch of sheets and I had been jonesing to try my hand at braiding a rug- so here's the result! I'm looking forward to trying one with some color changes... and maybe oval.

May 7, 2008

my hero


Patrick Blanc is my new architectural/horticultural hero. Cover the buildings with plants- ugly city problem solved.
Patric Blanc nytimes article & his site
They really remind me of 'The Secret Garden's' wall from the movie I watched obsessively as a kid. You almost feel like a little hand will pop out and beckon you to walk through the hanging greens.
Or maybe it's a peek into Alan Weisman's vision of 'The World Without Us.'
Here he is talking with Jon Stewart on the 'Daily Show.' (still haven't gotten that book... but I'm dying to!)

May 4, 2008

Cards I made the other day for family and friends.
the pink ones use vintage flocked wallpaper, the grey-green use the patterned insides of bill/bank envelopes. more to come!

Rube Goldberg machines on Japanese kid's program– Pythagora Switch (via gawker)