January 30, 2009

Recently I sold this giclee print of my latest Meatpaper stitching. It was printed on Iolab's archival Hahnemuhle Bamboo paper. Here it is signed, framed, and ready to be sent out to my lucky customer. All of the images on my site can be special ordered as prints if there are any you're particularly fond of.

January 27, 2009

works in progress

apologies for the incredibly dark photo... these winter days!
+I recently sold my first item on ebay, which went swimmingly well. But now I'm compelled to photograph and price tag everything in the apartment... Does anyone know where I could find out what a Mae West "She Done Him Wrong" 33 would be worth?! (no idea how I acquired that one!)
+Went to see Soul of Shaolin with Jashar– for free! (one of the rare perks to a career in illustration) It was the first Broadway show I've seen since the ones I was dragged to on high school field trips– and it was way more enjoyable.
+best valentine's day gift ever– although pretty expensive for how kitschy it is. I'm a fan of Missed Tryst, 'a hard boiled, film-noir detective novel ... fashioned after the likes of gumshoe heroes Sam Spade & Phillip Marlowe' AND it's on sale!

January 12, 2009


I just finished Powr Mastrs ➋– so good! The draftmanship and design are wonderfuly elegant! Something about C.F.'s aesthetics remind me of Jockum Nordstrom (another favorite). Certainly well worth a read. Here's an interview with the creator. I've yet to read it– for fear of it tainting the comic, but here it is in case anyone else is interested.
///click here///

photos via Picturebox

January 9, 2009

my work soundtrack–

thanks again, nick!!

+++ a link to inspiration (check out the book covers!)

January 7, 2009

I've been knitting a bit recently–

The latter's pattern can be found here. The former is based on a buttoned scarf I made for myself a few years back- only I decided to try it out in a basket weave stitch. I'm going to give the second another try in sport weight yarn with either a stockinette or moss stitch. (Worsted weight looks a little clumsy.)
Next up is quilting! I toyed around with it while I was home, but didn't think to take any photos.
Perhaps a Tomby/Emily collaboration could emerge from the sewing of blocks?

January 6, 2009

Gulnur Ozdaglar

These limpid jellyfish-like bowls are made out of PET bottles! I was sure these photos were drawings the first time I came across them. Something about them reminds me of Kiki Smith. Click here for more of Gulnur Ozdaglar's work.
via design*sponge

January 5, 2009

The new years resolution- keep a proper sketchbook.
(I have a tendency to just use loads of loose paper.)

January 1, 2009

For auld lang syne!

Welcome to 2009!

Here's my latest piece, which can be found in Meatpaper issue #6. If you haven't yet checked out Meatpaper, you really should... it's such a unique publication!
Also, Thanks to the blogs that have recently featured my work!
Design for Mankind, Craftzine, and The Storque!