November 23, 2008

They're done!

Works for Anno Domini Gallery in San Jose for 'Fresh Produce,' their holiday group show.
I'll post close-ups soon.

November 11, 2008

Man- all artists should really watch 'The Mona Lisa Curse'... I was preparing to post the full youtube video on here, but it was taken down. Here's a promo of the first of the three videos about art and money.
via Jashar via Charles

November 3, 2008

cast iron banks

I've been haunting these ebay listings for the past month... but I can't bring myself to rationalize buying one. Hopefully posting them here will satiate my obsession.

November 1, 2008

This year's halloween was really chill, as per usual. Bad horror movies all day, then a trip to the the Merchant's House on 4th street. We sat in the parlor, which was done up for a funeral (19th century coffin, body and all) as penny dreadfuls among other things were read.

p.s. these gifs are mine! hands off!