July 30, 2008

homemade hazelnut granola

hazelnuts + sunflower seeds + coconut + oats + wheat germ + ohio wild flower honey
I made it several days ago, and it's so good on yogurt, it's been my breakfast and dessert. For the next batch I'd like to try adding sesame seeds and heating the honey with orange rind (like for baklava.) It will also have to be at least 3x larger!

The L Mag Fiction issue

My Dentist (cover)

Pennsylvania: A Guide to Lodging and Prairie Rocket Fire

July 25, 2008

this is why I love youtube:

salt + soundwaves
(Here's a bit more about it via wikipedia. 1 & 2. If anyone has more info, please send it!
No 'Da Vinci Code' though PLEASE!)

non-newtonian fluid (cornstarch+water) + soundwaves

the embedding is disabled, so watch here:

non-newtonian fluid + 80 Hz

I remember playing with this stuff at summer science camp as a kid... I also remember making enormous messes with it once I got home. I should really whip up a batch for old times sake.
Congrats to former boss Rob and his gal Mary on their first official High Places album release through Thrill Jockey! (I just found out via the handy ol' Other Music email– here are the OM samples below– hope they work!) This is the band is the nonpareil of feel–goodsy sounds.

"Shared Islands"
"Jump In"

July 15, 2008

❤ Misaki Kawai

I absolutely love this new direction Misaki Kawai is going in. I can't wait to see her upcoming shows. Something about the forms and palettes remind me a lot of one of my favorite artists– Milton Avery. What I wouldn't give (well, besides loads of money) to have one of these on every wall in my apartment.

July 9, 2008

by hook or by crook...

Sorry about posting so many videos recently... but I had to add this one. Some good news– there will be a remake of The Prisoner with Sir Ian McKellen and James Caviezel! They had best keep this beginning.
thanks for the link jashar

July 8, 2008

In memory of Scamper

Hello again, it's been ages since I've last posted- my beloved hamster, Scamp, passed away a few weeks ago and we've been recovering. (I didn't want to post anything before I was able to post about her.) I'll miss having her fall asleep in my hand and follow me around the house in her ball in hopes of a pine nut or sunflower seeds. She really was the best.

It was funny about her occasionally falling asleep in my hand. More often than not it happened when 'Sunbeam Creek' by Wooden Wand was playing... she'd listen intently, then she'd just tuck her head under my thumb and nap for a little while. We have a lot of great memories of her. She'll be sorely missed.