July 12, 2010

The first two of many…

Ilana and I have been getting together to tie dye nearly every week after being introduced to the Dharma Trading dyes. It's amazingly addictive. We've hardly had any time to make anything out of our fabric yet (and I imagine they'll be difficult to slice into) but I wanted to share the finished fabrics with you!

Our significant others got tie dyed tighty-whiteys out of the deal- unfortunately (or fortunately- what ever your taste may be) all the ones I made ended up looking like Zubaz.

p.s. I'm touched that my family name gets to grace this awesome dress! A million thanks to the designer!

July 1, 2010

Only 16 days til I marry my best friend!

A couple of Liberty of London ties for Jashar (who has to wear them daily now!)
Ilana directed me to the pattern on The Purl Bee. It was pretty wide- as you can see in the first tie, but it's easily enough to alter. William Morris' strawberry thief is my favorite Liberty print, but I'm delighted with the look of the other William Morris print too.

–Here's a bow tie pattern from BurdaStyle for those of you who swing that way.