September 18, 2009

I thought I'd share a square.

Ilana was nice enough to donate her scraps- so some of you may recognize a couple prints.

September 16, 2009

L Mag cover + Paperdoll

These illos were for The L Magazine's fashion week issue. The assignment was timed perfectly, I was wanting to round out my portfolio with some fashion-y work. I was also happy to get a chance to work with The L Mag's new art director, Rachel.
Keep an eye on my website, I'll be putting up the downloadable pdf of the doll for those of you who'd like to try your hand at some sartorial styling!

September 15, 2009

Apologies for the sparsity of my posts- I've been doing a lot of illustrating (which I'll show you soon) along with working on finally putting a quilt together. I've decided on log cabin... which this image isn't of.

image via aapc

These are viking shoes. Here's how to make them.
via whip up

September 6, 2009


Here are a few little sketches from an upcoming illustration!
(Those shoes really exist. Who else thinks they need spurs?)

September 3, 2009

So I think I officially now have the sewing itch... much due to Ilana's sewing fervor!
Here's my first shirt--- I really wanted the sleeves to have little cuffs, but I ran out of fabric.