January 27, 2009

works in progress

apologies for the incredibly dark photo... these winter days!
+I recently sold my first item on ebay, which went swimmingly well. But now I'm compelled to photograph and price tag everything in the apartment... Does anyone know where I could find out what a Mae West "She Done Him Wrong" 33 would be worth?! (no idea how I acquired that one!)
+Went to see Soul of Shaolin with Jashar– for free! (one of the rare perks to a career in illustration) It was the first Broadway show I've seen since the ones I was dragged to on high school field trips– and it was way more enjoyable.
+best valentine's day gift ever– although pretty expensive for how kitschy it is. I'm a fan of Missed Tryst, 'a hard boiled, film-noir detective novel ... fashioned after the likes of gumshoe heroes Sam Spade & Phillip Marlowe' AND it's on sale!